Pipe Talk Recap

Our Pipe Talk started off with a discussion of the upcoming UK Pipe Show on May 26th. We’ll be sending a care package to their show with some of our favorite pipe tobaccos. If you would like to show your support any small pipe tobacco pouches would be welcome. No tins. They must be here by May 12.
Keeping the UK in mind, we also discussed the differences between UK and American pipes and tobaccos including their different laws and taxes and how that effects the consumer.
With a show of hands the specs were chosen for the first annual NEOFOPS (Northeast Ohio Fellowship of Pipe Smokers) group pipe. It’s going to be made by the Peirsels of Crappy Pipes (I know, I smiled too the first time I heard it). The pipe will be a Bent Dublin Sandblast Dark with a Champagne stem. If you are interested in ordering one of these lovely pipes a $25.00 deposit is needed by April 10th. It will take a couple of months for the pipes to arrive. Total cost is $50.00 including a pipe bag.
A good time was had by all but we sure missed Art(the Magnificent) and his wonderful, goofy, funny songs.