Pipe Talk Recap

We started the evening by Craig introducing the new sample tobacco Mac Baren HH Balkan. It was enjoyed by many throughout the night. Afterwards we all took a moment to raise our pipes in silence for the anniversary of the passing of the president of the NEOFOPS (North East Ohio Fellowship of Pipe Smokers), a great friend, and a truly wonderful person, Jim Epling. Bill Kreiling then discussed our overseas friend “Tokin” Tommy and their upcoming pipe show in England. He also discussed creating an original pipe for the NEOFOPS, details to follow. Regis McCafferty then spoke about the pipe show here in Dublin, OH in August. Then our friend Rick Stoltz told us about his accepting a position on the board of (NASPC) The North American Society of Pipe Collectors, Membership is $21.00/year. If interested check out http://www.naspc.org/ . We all signed a thank you note to Erik Stokkebye for taking the time from his busy schedule to come down to our Pipe Talk last month and for sharing his knowledge and for his generosity. We missed our friend and entertainer Art “The Magnificent” this evening due to a prior engagement. DON’T SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT A LAWYER ART! Overall it was a really nice evening. Mingling and talking throughout the evening. New folks and old friends asking questions and sharing knowledge. Thanks everyone.

Send us your Fish Pics!

You can now email (or Facebook Messenger) your fish pics to us! Send your fish pics to fish@thepiperackohio and we will put them on our website under the Fish Pics page. Also, at the end of March the person who sent the best picture will win a MITCHELL TANAGER ROD REEL COMBO!  Your picture has to contain your fish and the person who caught it (not just the fish).  If you want to send your first name and where you caught the fish please feel free but it is not required. If you want to send your pics through Facebook Messenger our Facebook Page is https://www.facebook.com/The-Pipe-Rack-106402822713860/

Pipe Talk Recap

Even though the weather was frigid our pipe bowls were warm and glowing at last night’s Pipe Talk. Erik Stokkebye from 4th Generation Tobaccos and Pipes gave a very informative discussion of how to blend tobaccos as well as the process of selecting briar to make a pipe. Art “The Magnificent” entertained us all with some new songs and a couple of old favorites. Paul Hight from Ventura Cigars talked about their new Archetype Cigar and its Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican blend of tobaccos. At the end of the night there was a raffle where we all won a prize! A great time was had by all! We want to thank Erik Stokkebye, Paul Hight, John, and everyone who braved the nasty weather to make it out to Pipe Talk. Till next time…

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Pipe Talk Recap

The evening started out with a pleasant surprise from our old friend across the pond “Toking Tommy” who provided the tobacco samples for the night. Thanks Tommy. Later we were entertained with some great songs by Art (the videos of his songs are too large to post here but you can see them on our Facebook page)  https://www.facebook.com/106402822713860/videos/1975180785899018/ https://www.facebook.com/106402822713860/videos/315931332341385/We also found out that Sutliff Tobacco has chosen our Pipe Talk to smoke test some their new tobaccos. Thanks to everyone who shared some time, enjoyed a smoke, and left a little better than they came. P.S. THERE WILL BE NO PIPE TALK IN DECEMBER due to it falling on Christmas Day this year.