Check Out Our New Fishing Lines!

We have Power Pro, Spiderwire (Stealth Braid, Dura 4 Braid, EZ Braid, EZ Fluoro, Ultimate Mono), Daiwa J Braid Grand, Berkley (Fireline, Trilene: Sensation, Fluorocarbon XL, Braid), Mr. Catfish, Stren (Mono, Catfish Mono), Zebco (Cajun, Outcast), Optix, Ande, Fenwick (World Class, Profile), Cortland, and Seaguar !

We have many lines in many colors and tons of strengths. Come on in and get hooked on fishing at The Pipe Rack!


Pipe Talk Recap

We started out the evening by giving out the T-shirts and certificates to those who participated in the tobacco blending contest at our last Pipe Talk way back in the last decade. We then introduced a new tobacco we will be carrying called Spark Plug by G. L. Pease. It is a plug tobacco that you have to cut to use. So,… those who chose to got to cut it. (Let it be known that we at The Pipe Rack take our responsibility for safety very serious so of course we had a first aid kit and paramedics at the ready if there was a plug cutting injury.)

We then discussed pipe hygiene and the importance of keeping the stem of your pipe clean and how the oxidation in the stem caused by not keeping it clean can make your tobacco taste different. The tobacco of the evening was Captain Kidd. With its Golden Virginian, Burleys and Toasted Cavendish it made a very nice cap to an enjoyable night. Old friends caught up, some new friends were made, knowledge was shared, and a good time was had by all.

Pipe Talk Reminder!

Pipe Talk
January 28th @ 6:30 pm.

The last Tuesday of the month means Pipe Talk! This month brings lots to talk about and give thanks for. Come on in the 28th and participate in our lively discussions about pipes and pipe related issues. Bring your questions and we will find the answers. Bring your thoughts and be ready for a great time.

As as added bonus, we will be giving out the certificates and t-shirts to everyone who participated in the tobacco blending contest!

This event is for every pipe smoker new or old. For $2 you get a sample of tobacco (store choice) and a soda pop or cup of coffee. Come and share your love & knowledge of pipes with others, have some fun with all of us, and enjoy yourself.

Bobbers, Bobbers, Rocket Bobbers!

We weren’t sure if you knew, … WE HAVE LOTS ‘A BOBBERS!

We also have ROCKET BOBBERS!!!  

Rocket Bobbers!<br /> 3-3/4" Orange, Pink, Yellow
Rocket Bobbers! 3-3/4″ Orange, Pink, Yellow
Rocket Bobbers! 4-3/4″ Pink, Orange Top/Yellow Bottom, Yellow Top/Orange Bottom, 6-1/4″ Yellow Top/Orange Bottom

Pipe Talk Recap

Since this was the last Pipe Talk of the year, we started out the evening with a “tobacco buffet” featuring a smorgasbord of tobacco samples from many of our 2019 Pipe Talks.

Then we spent some time talking about the FDA regulation updates and if and how they would affect us. We talked about the rare Cornell & Diehl small batch and discussed the Dunhill/Peterson tobacco change over and how the few people who have tried both found the new Peterson to be identical to the old Dunhill version.

The conversation then went to the Ditka Throwback Cigars from Camacho and how we acquired the last 119 boxes that will ever be made! Kudos to us.

We closed out the evening with not one but two great guitar players (Mark and Art) as they played songs and sang for us to finish out the Pipe Talks for the year.  A good time was had by all.

We hope you have a great New Year and we will see you at our next Pipe Talk Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020.