• Where are the fish biting?

In the water!  Seriously that is where they are biting at.  We rely on our customers to learn what lakes in our area have good fishing.  This is a question best asked in person at the store.  However, Wingfoot Lake State Park is always a good lake to try for all around fishing.  Nimisila Reservoir is great for Crappie, and Catfish.  You can also try Portage Lakes State Park. Last but not least, the Fish Report is always a powerful tool to find where they’re biting.

  • Do you carry live bait?

Yes. We carry a large selection of live bait and are open year round.

All Prices Subject to Change

Nightcrawlers           $3.35/dozen | $17.95/100 dirt (Currently Out) |                                                                                     $20.95/100 bedding                                       

Nitro Worms              $4.35/dozen

Dug Worms                $2.95/dozen

Wax Worms              $2.35/25 | $4.10/50 | $7.25/100 |                                                                                $14.95/apx.250

Maggots                     $2.25/cup (40-50 maggots)

Crappie Minnows  $2.35/dozen

Bass Shiners            $5.95/dozen | $3.00/ half dozen

Leeches                      $2.95/dozen Currently in Stock


  • What kind of fishing tackle do you carry?

We have a large selection of Rods, Reels, Terminal Tackle, Plastic and Hard Baits.  We carry items from most of the major fishing suppliers out there, including, Daiwa, Shakespeare, Berkley, Pflueger, Ugly Stik, Eagle Claw, Tru-Turn, Mitchell, Water Gremlin, Frabill, Plano, etc…


  • How do you tightline?

A popular way to catch a catfish is with a tightline.  There are various ways to rig this and the diagram below will show it.  The real point here is that the line must be kept tight and the weight on the line will be heavier or lighter depending on the strength of the current.


  • What is the difference between a regular bobber and a slip bobber?

A regular bobber or fixed bobber attaches to your line and is fixed in one position.  A slip bobber is designed to slide up your line until it reaches a bobber stop.  The bobber stop is set at the depth you want to fish.  This allows you to cast out with only a small portion of line hanging from the end of your fishing rod, while a fixed bobber is cast out with the line hanging from your bobber to the hook.

  • What is a Carolina rig?

A Carolina rig is used to fish with artificial plastic baits and can be rigged a number of different ways.  Below is a diagram showing this.

  • What is a Texas rig?

A texas rig is a simple way to rig a soft plastic bait.  See the below diagram.