The Pipe Racks’ Perfectly Prodigious Peerless Product Promotion!!!

We have Team Stopper Lures  , Bass Stoppers!
We have the Original, 2-hook weedless, and 3-hook weedless as well as the Magnum (features a larger profile then the Original stopper), Magnum 2-hook weedless, and Magnum 3-hook weedless. All in a wide variety of colors.
The Bass Stopper Lures Rigged Worm is a ready-to-fish, anise-scented worm with a hand-tied inside mono leader. The snelled hooks are evenly spaced and do not inhibit the worm’s supple, undulating action; if a fish hits, the odds are high that he’ll be solidly hooked! Great for bass and walleye. All between $2.28-$2.48!
All right here at your friendly neighborhood Pipe Rack.