Largemouth Bass:
Largemouth bass is one of Ohio’s most popular fish and can be caught in ponds, streams, rivers and nearly all inland lakes and reservoirs. Fishing methods in ponds and reservoirs are fairly similar, whereas those in rivers and streams are not unlike methods for catching smallmouth bass in such areas. These hardy, self-sustaining fish are plentiful among a variety of anglers and particularly popular among tournament fishermen.
Fish close to cover in muddy and heavily stained water.
Retrieve perpendicular to cover.
Dark-colored baits work well in the spring and lighter colors are best in the fall.
Largemouth bass are often located close to or immediately next to cover after a strong cold front.
Medium-to-heavy baitcasting, spinning or spin cast rods with 8- to 17-pound test line. Rod and reel selection will depend on the type of lures or baits being used.
Summer (June-mid-September)
Peak Activity
Medium diving crankbaits in firetiger and chartreuse. Spinnerbaits in chartreuse and white. Spinning- drop shot or cast small worms.