Peacock Mantis Shrimp:
This shrimp is known for its ability to pack a punch.
It is the heavyweight champion of the oceanic world, which is particularly impressive when considering its delicate looking frame.
They actually punch their prey and other Peacock Mantis Shrimps with their front appendages. They also use them to break open the shells of other shellfish to eat.
They are actually not a shrimp at all, but a carnivorous crustacean. Their front appendages resemble that of a mantis, hence the name. They are commonly found to be any size from 1.2 inches to 7.1 inches.
However, they can also be found at around 12 inches at their biggest. The largest on record was 15 inches! For a crustacean that is that vicious, we think those sizes are pretty impressive! Small but mighty, right?
They can be found in shallow tropical or subtropical waters, mostly in the Indian Ocean or the Pacific. They feast on smaller crustaceans such as mollusks and crabs, sneaking up on them with that heavyweight punch we have already discussed. It is thought that their punch can reach up to 170 MPH, making them the fastest organism on the earth.