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We have Pachamama Synthetic Disposable Vape Pens!
Designed with the busy vaper in mind, the Pachamama Synthetic Disposable Vape Pen offers a convenient solution to the problem of complicated, bulky vapes. If you have been weighed down by a hefty vape mod and extra e-juice bottles, switching to disposables is your next best move. Disposable vapes offer the portability you need and the flavors you crave, making vaping as easy as can be! Simply open the box, puff to activate, and this vape is ready to deliver about 1200 puffs with no adjustments or maintenance required! The Pachamama formula includes synthetic nicotine, a form of nicotine that is virtually flavorless, meaning the luscious fruit flavors can take center stage with no nicotine aftertaste.
Peach Ice:
Every puff is packed with the fruity flavor you crave, offering juicy peach nectar on the inhale and smooth menthol ice on the exhale. If this flavor sounds like your cup of tea, give it a try today.
Lychee Ice:
The flavor of this disposable vape is a one for the books, featuring the exotic lychee. For those unfamiliar, lychees are Asian fruits with a sweet and juicy flavor similar to a grape or kiwi. This vape flavor offers fresh lychee nectar on the inhale and smooth menthol ice on the exhale, perfectly refreshing and delightfully delicious.
Grape Ice:
The sweet and fruity flavor inside every puff is just as refreshing as it sounds. The inhale brings a gush of juicy red grape sweetness, and the exhale invigorates your senses with icy menthol. This refreshing and smooth vape disposable is a must-have for fans of tart fruit flavors with a bite of menthol ice.
Banana Ice:
The inhale brings a warm rush of creamy ripe banana sweetness, and the exhale cools things down with icy menthol. If your sweet tooth calls out for fruity flavors in your busy day, you can’t pass up this ultra-convenient vape device.
Pink Lemonade:
Every puff is practically dripping with smooth flavor, offering zesty lemonade on the inhale and sweet mixed fruit on the exhale. Enjoy the vaping experience you deserve with an affordable, portable, and easy-to-love vape!
All just $14.95!
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