Product of the Week!!!

We have some great crankbait lures by Berkley!
What are crankbait lures? Well…
A crankbait is a lure with a plastic lip that dives underwater when it is reeled in. Crankbaits are used to target fish at specific depths. The length and angle of the plastic lip is what determines the depth that the bait can reach. Longer, less-angled, lips dive deeper than short, sharp-angled, lips.
This is the perfect time for crankbait now that the water is getting colder and the bass are getting sluggish.
Berkley Frittside 5
Designed by the legendary crankbait angler, David Fritts, the Berkley Frittside Crankbait is based on the crankbait that helped David win the 1993 Bassmaster Classic. Featuring a flat sided profile that mimics a wide variety of baitfish, the Berkley Frittside Crankbait delivers a tight balsa-like thumping action and flash that is deadly during tough conditions when fish are sluggish or heavily pressured. The Frittside Crankbait is also precisely balanced to increase casting distance and provide stability when using high retrieve speeds. Armed with sticky sharp Berkley Fusion19 treble hooks that provide lightning-fast hook penetration, which is crucial for short striking and lethargic fish. Many colors, for depths of 2-5 feet.
Berkley Dredger8.5/10.5
Typically when exploring deep water with plugs, an oversized crankbait is the only option, but with the Berkley Dredger Crankbait anglers now have the ability to downsize their profile and still reach the depths needed to get that big bite. Engineered with a custom body shape and a weighted bill, the Berkley Dredger Crankbait descends quickly and stays in the strike zone longer, so anglers get the most possible attraction out of every cast. And because it is smaller than most deep diving crankbaits, the Berkley Dredger Crankbait generates less resistance, which means less fatigue throughout a full day of chucking-and-winding. Built to produce a tight, subtle action, the Berkley Dredger Crankbaits offer a slow rise on the pause, tempting fish throughout all stages of the retrieve. Many colors. Dredger 8.5 for depths of 8-10 feet. Dredger 10.5 for depths of 9-11.5 feet.
All just $8.98 at your friendly neighborhood Pipe Rack!