Shout out to all of our cigar enthusiasts out there, we have a great cigar that is in the spotlight this week. Come check out our Rough Riders! These cigars come in Maduro and Sweet and these are a great cigar if you are starting out but looking for a smooth yet flavorful choice. We have different sizes of both such as GordoChurchillToro, and Robusto.

However, in the sweet side we carry these sizes including another called Small Guys. This size is especially great if you are not one to smoke a bigger cigar but still want the flavor. Also, just to share another great quality that these special cigars have is that they are smooth as silk and you will experience the taste of the creamy mixture of honey, sweetness, and a slight cedar note.

On the other hand, if you are an avid cigar smoker and you’re looking to try something new or different, these cigars are also great as a change in your routine. Stop in here at The Pipe Rack and check out our selection, but also while you are here all questions regarding these cigars are encouraged especially if you are just starting out!